Stacie and Chad wanted a place where both community locals and out-of-towners could come and enjoy some Sips of the South.

About Us

The best events to ever happen to Stacie and Chad (especially Chad) Loudin was to identify each other as soul mates at college.  

The next best things they have ever done were to raise three beautiful children in the world’s top destination location–Charleston SC.  

Now that their kids are at or nearing adulthood, Stacie and Chad began pondering about a conundrum that they just couldn’t shake out of their minds…why are there no sweet tea shops in Charleston SC, let alone Summerville SC (the birthplace of sweet tea)? 
After scratching their heads for a short while, they began mustering the troops (friends and family at first, then locals and specialists) to develop sweet teas reminiscent of honey from heaven.